I’m Brittany, foodie, student, and amateur chef. The way I learned about food is similar to the way most people learn to breathe, I think: it was always an important part of my life, and a new day meant a new round of interesting, fresh meals. When I moved into my first apartment and was suddenly responsible for my own nutrition, I made things like stir-frys and rice and beans, just like we all did. But soon I was adding curry paste and coconut milk and lime to my stir-frys, or slow-cooked mojo pork to my rice and beans, and then I was roasting ducks in my half-size oven and making my own pasta on the kitchen table.

I mean to post recipes, both of my own creation and pirated from other sites (with attribution, of course), along with some of my research about food, food politics, and food news.

Welcome to Freshly Pressed and Dressed. Pull up a chair, eat a little something, and learn about food.


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