Funny enough, during my time at the University of Florida, I haven’t spent any time at all as a student in CMIR, or the Center for Media Innovation and Research. I have spent dozens of hours down there as a part of my job, the one and only Web Assistant for the College of Journalism and Communications. I often help my boss, Craig, record the many speakers and presenters that dole out their priceless information to a handful of students.

CMIR is in the basement of the journalism building, where the TV station is also located. During my time as a broadcast news student here at UF (a time that’s quickly drawing to a close), I didn’t spend a whole lot of time working at the TV station, unlike many of my very talented classmates. I chose instead to focus my broadcasting energies at WUFT-FM, specifically working as a producer and host for The Front Page Edition of All Things Considered, where I reported local and state-wide news.

Where it all began for me. The good ol' days.

Where it all began for me. The good ol’ days.

I remember one afternoon particularly well: I was hosting the show with my good friend and colleague Chip Skambis, who is a proficient and extremely capable reporter. We threw together an amazing show in the last hour before going on air, tying together President Obama’s then-recent support for gay marriage and the recent coming-out as transgender of lead singer of hometown hero band Against Me!. It was a great show.

Now, telecom students practice their craft in the recently-finished Integrated News Facility, an amazing and colorful place that brings together TV, radio, and web students to make multimedia, multi-dimensional stories.


I’ll certainly miss the camaraderie of the newsroom and the close-knit community of students here at UF’s J-school. One of the other changes that’s taken place during my time here is the completion of the Aha! Collaboration space, where you can see students working together on all manners of projects and work at all times of the day.

Though I’m already waxing nostalgic for the J-shchool, I’m ready for what lies ahead. Being a student here has helped me think about things in new ways, has forced me to look at situations from multiple perspectives, and has sharpened my mind to a fine analytical point that is already serving me well. It’s been fun, CJC.


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