To continue bragging about my cool classmates:


Biana is, was, and always shall be my co-pro. (We were co-hosts and producers a few summers ago at WUFT-FM.) Mike’s blog is about his time as the play-by-play announcer for the Ocala high school football team. He does a really good job of writing detailed sports stories, covering each of the games he calls. Want to know who won in the Vanguard v Trinity Catholic game? Or the Vanguard v Bobcats game? Look no further than Mike’s excellent blog.


blog is a very interesting–and useful–account of travel and how to travel. Some of the goodies included within are tips on saving money on airfare and excursions. Very useful stuff, I might say. If I’d known half the things she wrote about, I’d be a richer woman today.


has had an amazing life, and has an amazing story to share about her life in Cuba before she and her family embarked to Miami on a raft. Her blog, Gator Bait Dejour, is chock-full of recipes with a Latin twist (something I’ve always wanted to learn more about!). Check out her take on hot chocolate or the incredible pan con lechon, which really did make my mouth water.


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