I’ve kept it under wraps, but this blog is a project for my Advanced Interactive class at the University of Florida. (Last requirement for my major–wahoo!) What this means is there are about thirty other wonderful bloggers out there shouting out into the blogosphere–here’s a peek:


blog is all about making fast, healthy food for college kids. This can be tough, as I well know: at the end of a long day of class and work, I usually just want to flop onto my bed and watch some TV or read a novel. But Sarah’s got some great suggestions that are easy and quick, like chicken and vegetable stir-fry or whoopie pies, which for a long time I thought were a secret recipe that belonged only to my family. Well done, Sarah!


is another great source of healthy-food wisdom. She’s got some great stuff in here, like guacamole and pumpkin spice pecan oatmeal cookies, which sound amazing. She’s also got some great tips about how to make your food taste better without the fat and other useful cooking hints. Ch-check it.


wisely dedicated her blog to all the things you learn in college that aren’t taught in classes. This ranges from the ins and outs of Florida Football (which, I admit, is something I’d probably have to take a class in to finally understand) to an interesting profile of her close friends. Her blog, more than anything, is a little road map to Kamryn.


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