I had pizza for dinner last night and breakfast this morning, and in my excitement, I allowed myself to eat too quickly. I developed pizza mouth, the unfortunate condition caused by eating too-hot pizza too fast. Symptoms include: blisters on the roof of your mouth, tenderness in the area, and an inability to eat very hot foods for some time afterwards.

It’s a real killjoy. Especially when you have leftover homemade pizza.

But science has recognized the need for a solution to this problem. The answer? Burn-be-gone strips that treat the pizza burn with a soothing anesthetic from an associate professor of pharmacy at the University of New Mexico. I want some!

Right now, the strips are still in the development phase, and Professor Jason McConville is looking for commercial partners to help him move forward with this much-needed product. I doubt he’ll find any real issues with that.


One thought on “The End of Pizza Mouth

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